How to choose the right colour for your commercial property

Commercial buildings need a fresh coat of paint from time to time just as homes do. It is beneficial to your business to add modern touches to your landscaping design as well. That said, certain buildings look best with certain neutral colours but commercial buildings cannot be painted just any colour without consideration.

It may surprise you to learn just how much inspiration you may find looking around your office parking lot /block for certain aspects that would be better highlighted by a specific building colour.

You must ask yourself whether you want your building to stand out from its surroundings or to blend in with them.

Sometimes extremely bright wall colours are used, because ‘standing out’ is considered attractive and smart. Although standing out is important for a commercial business, you should nevertheless first look to common colours associated with your logo and branding.

Many companies overlook this simple and obvious trick and fail to take advantage of lasting branding recognition built directly onto the building’s walls. This will publicize your brand in a way that is subtle and effective.

Colours play a key role in the emotions felt by those who visit the building, and certain colours are more conducive to a productive work environment than others. Colours such as blue, green, or yellow are great options because they help to promote a feeling of soothing, safety, or energy.


Speak with your landlord about the choice to paint the exterior walls, because you may have limitations.

Happy Painting.


Our favourite non-neutral colours

Picking a paint colour is hard, and we are no strangers to that fact. Our customers are constantly seeking advice on the right shades as they are often sceptical about trying shades that are not in the neutral palette.

We have put together our list of ‘go to’ non neutral paint colours that we have tried and tested – and loved.

This deep, intense, and modern, and yet totally classic shade of blue is perfect for small rooms or big ones too. It has the most perfect amount of green in it, so it’s not purple-y.


This teal shade is perfect for those who can’t decide on green vs. blue as it appeals to both colour preferences.


This versatile and soft pink is just the right shade without it becoming a baby pink or a bright magenta. It is in between a coral and a bright pink, which makes it the perfect adult appropriate shade.


Doors are usually always painted in neutral shades but we found that colourful doors can be more fun and attractive. Don’t be afraid to give yellow or red or blue a try.


Chocolate brown is an unlikely shade for bathroom walls but we think this shade is not only versatile but grows on you.


So, which ones are your favourites or are there any we forgot to include that you like?

If you have any colour recommendations please leave them in the comments.

Happy Painting!


Colours that boost home prices

When you are ready to sell your home, you know it’s time to slap on a fresh coat of paint before listing your property. But, how do you decide what colour is the right one and will attract prospective buyers?

Specific colours can boost a home’s selling price. At the same time, certain colours can put off buyers. Here’s what we found.

Colour makes a big impact on buyers and though trends keep changing it is good to know that certain colours never grow old and are most favourable with would-be buyers.

Front doors can really make an impression on prospective buyers. Doors painted shades of navy blue, dark gray or charcoal have found to be more appealing.


Usually grey or beige for exterior walls are more appealing to buyers than white.


Soft grey is the most appetizing colour for kitchens. This allows more room for further personalisation by the new owners.


Prospective buyers are attracted to light beige, pale taupe or oatmeal living rooms.


Light-grey neutrals proved to be the most popular paint shades in bedrooms and dining rooms.



When it comes to the bathroom, think clean colours like whites and creams.


Happy Painting!

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How to make black, white and grey interiors work

If you’ve been told that black, white and grey are boring colours and would make your interiors look dull, think again. These are the top trending colours of 2018 and when used right can really make an unforgettable impact and add perpetual calm and class to a room.

Look at these design ideas that are easily replicated in your own spaces.


White doesn’t only help to make small rooms look larger. Using white with a touch of light grey can make large spaces like this look grander.


Do you see dull? We see character. Make a minimalist style statement with greys and whites.


Whether your home is modern or contemporary, all white walls teams with beige and other neutral colours will aid in making your home look bright and new.


All white kitchens will never go out of style. Not in this century, any way!


You don’t need colourful furniture or home décor accessories to make a style statement. Combine black and white to suit all seasons.


Black walls are here to make a bold statement this year. Try it in at least one room of your home.


Pristine white interiors are a top choice for small offices across the world.


Grey is making a huge comeback in restaurants.

Consult us for 2018’s paint trends for your home, office, restaurant, store, etc. We are here to help you pick the right colour. Happy Painting!



Colour Predictions for 2018

The year that’s fast approaching is going to be dramatic and bold. In the world of colour, that is. In fact, the bolder the better. There is no place for neutrals in 2018. Here are a few insights from the colour masters to help you decide how your home can change to welcome the colours of the new year.

Think bold, bright, strong colours. Make a statement with vibrant tones that have a playful feel.  Colours like canary yellow, lime green, citrus orange, peacock blue and fuchsia pink.


The simple additions of geometrical shapes and diagonal lines can really take a bright feature wall up a notch. Stay within one colour family so you don’t overwhelm the room.


Also, back in 2018 is black and grey. Remember, black comes in a myriad of tones, from inky to indigo-infused to charcoal grey. Deep and dramatic, these will add intensity to your interiors like no other.

Classic lamp on black wall.


And finally, subtle retro, nostalgic, moody colours such as burnt rose, lilac, mauve and rich, opulent purple and green will also find a place in 2018. Although soft in colour they are strong in tone and can create a very revitalising look.


Happy 2018! And, Happy Painting!


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Brighten up your patio with Deluxe Coatings

We get so obsessed about sprucing up the rest of our homes all year round, we usually always ignore the back patio and come summer when we actually get the time to enjoy this space with friends, hosting barbies we find it is a holy mess.

Typically most ill maintained patios are boring to look at. Beige floors, walls and old furniture… sound familiar?


Here are a few ideas to have your patio ready for summer get-togethers.

  • Since you are working on an outdoor space, chose any of our premium Exterior Paints & Primer.
  • You can choose to make a feature wall that complements or contrasts the rest of your house. To this wall you can later add metal or stone art work. Or even a vertical garden. Choose a bright happy colour for a feature wall like yellow or orange to match the vibe of the season.
  • You can paint the exterior doors that lead to the inside of the house. It’s a small element of fun that doesn’t involve painting a whole wall yet enough to brighten up the surroundings. Doors are usually white inside the house so painting the exterior sides in a bright colour creates a new look for the patio.
  • If your patio has wood elements such as timber railings, floors or pillars then a good polishing should be done to keep the wood healthy. Exposed timber takes a good beating and needs to be treated to prevent rotting. You can do the same for wooden patio furniture- either polish or paint after taking care of damages.
  • If you have metal outdoor furniture, then watch out for rust that creeps up in time… it always helps to paint your metal furniture timely. You can try bright colours like yellow or red (if it matches your overall theme – décor, upholstery, walls) or stick to safe neutrals like white that add character to all themes.


Happy Summer!

Beach House Maintenance Tips

Waking up to ocean breezes is the stuff that summer dreams are made of, but all the sun and salt in the air also means high maintenance.

Summer is almost here and there’s no better time than now to get your beach home ready for the season.

Table and chair with outdoor balcony

Here are some things you must pay attention to.

Paint will protect your home from the natural elements, but even the very best quality paints need frequent maintenance in extreme conditions.

The sun’s UV rays break down chemical compounds in paint causing fading. It may not be noticeable until you compare a sun-exposed portion to a newly-painted or non-exposed portion. Dark colours are particularly vulnerable but even whites can yellow.

During a hot summer, you might notice the paint on your door bubbling or blistering. The problem is that when it does pop, the wood becomes exposed and should be repaired immediately.

The sun dehydrates paint over time and causes chemicals to rise to the surface. You may see a fine layer of white powder on top of a painted surface that looks like chalk. To delay this, remember you need to prime and use high-quality paint like ours.

Salt air can damage almost all metals. If the metal isn’t naturally-resistant (like copper) or powder coated for protection, it will need to be painted to protect it from moisture. It’s particularly important to keep any seaside metal clean and free from bird droppings. Sea salt is hard to see but wiping down metal railings with a slightly damp rag often can help.

Beach homes with stuccoed exteriors need diligent maintenance because once moisture seeps into a crack, it will travel to spots where the stucco’s bond is loose.  Ultimately, not only will the crack need to be repaired, but stucco may need to be chipped away to release the trapped water or dry out moisture. Usually, a bubble will appear to indicate trapped water.

Staining wood doors will keep moisture out, but the warm weather will wear it down. Expect to maintain a wood door annually regardless of how much sun it gets.

Homes within a few steps of the beach could realistically expect annual maintenance to painted surfaces. The most important thing to do is catch the damage early. In a coastal environment it is extremely important that the surface you’re painting or staining is prepped properly. All peeling paint should be sanded off to ensure complete removal. Look for signs of warping or rotting wood and replace if necessary.

Painting over damaged surfaces further damages the surface underneath as moisture becomes trapped in the wood underneath the paint. Also, the paint may not adhere to the surface as well.

To sum up, we’d say that with a little attention to detail and timely maintenance your dream house will stand the test of time.

Happy Painting!

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Paint tips to consider when selling your home

Getting your home ready to sell does not have to be a daunting task. With a little planning, your return on investment will be well worth it.


The most economical way to make your home look fresh and attractive to potential buyers is by giving it a fresh coat of paint.


The first thing a buyer will see is the exterior walls. It creates the first impression, so it is important you pay particular attention to the exterior and entrance of your home.

Your exterior paint should do the following:

  • Complement the other homes in the neighbourhood. You don’t want to stick out like a sore thumb.
  • Reflect the character of the architecture.
  • Highlight architectural features you want to stand out. Example – French windows, pillars, columns, etc.
  • Hide features like drainpipes by painting them the same colour as the house.
  • Blend in with the environment – sand, stones, shrubs and trees in the area.
  • Make a home look bigger than it really is with the right colour choice. Lighter colours can help you achieve this, just as painting a big house on a small property a darker colour will make it more proportional to the size of the property.



Colour is very personal.  Bright yellow may be your “happy” colour, but some potential buyers might find it too distracting. White can look cold and clinical to some. Feature walls appeal to only a few and they need to match with potential buyers’ home decor and ideas.

We suggest you play it safe with neutral shades that have much broader appeal, plus they never go out of fashion. Neutral colours are non-distracting and considered more friendly than white, a great background colour allowing potential buyers to imagine their own furnishings in the space.

Neutral colours don’t need to be boring. Earthy tones, like sand, create a warm welcoming feel. They are soothing and relaxing and work well with most other colours. They also add warmth and balance rooms with lots of stone, metal or glass.

Ceilings and skirtings painted white will frame the wall. If you want the walls to appear higher, then paint the skirting the same colour as the wall.


Adding plants and green to your home will link it to nature, which is very trendy right now.

Call us to find the perfect paint colours.

Happy Painting!


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10 things to do with a single can of paint

A can of paint is usually 4 or 10 litres and costs approximately $45 and $90 respectively, but has so much potential.

Look at these fun ideas that are easily achieved with a single can of paint.


#1 Paint the rails of an old staircase in a bright, funky colour to add an element of fun.


#2 Paint the ceiling in a least expected colour like grey – treat it as a feature wall.


#3 Paint your window trims / frames a contrasting colour to the rest of your exterior paint to stand out on the entire street.


#4 If you have a fireplace, brighten it up with a fresh coat of paint.


#5 Touch up the door and floor trims in your child’s room for an instant face lift.


#6 Paint your old window shutters (and railings) a bright colour to make them look new again and also to achieve a striking exterior look.


#7 Re-do a piece of old furniture such as an old table or dresser in a bright, new colour to introduce a subtle, unexpected change.


#8 Add depth to shelves in your study or home office by painting just the backs in a dark shade.


#9 Re paint your bed frame in a bright white.


#10 Paint only a couple of your kitchen cabinets (or your kitchen island) a different colour to break the monotony.


Happy Painting!


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