Colour Predictions for 2018

The year that’s fast approaching is going to be dramatic and bold. In the world of colour, that is. In fact, the bolder the better. There is no place for neutrals in 2018. Here are a few insights from the colour masters to help you decide how your home can change to welcome the colours of the new year.

Think bold, bright, strong colours. Make a statement with vibrant tones that have a playful feel.  Colours like canary yellow, lime green, citrus orange, peacock blue and fuchsia pink.


The simple additions of geometrical shapes and diagonal lines can really take a bright feature wall up a notch. Stay within one colour family so you don’t overwhelm the room.


Also, back in 2018 is black and grey. Remember, black comes in a myriad of tones, from inky to indigo-infused to charcoal grey. Deep and dramatic, these will add intensity to your interiors like no other.

Classic lamp on black wall.


And finally, subtle retro, nostalgic, moody colours such as burnt rose, lilac, mauve and rich, opulent purple and green will also find a place in 2018. Although soft in colour they are strong in tone and can create a very revitalising look.


Happy 2018! And, Happy Painting!


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Brighten up your patio with Deluxe Coatings

We get so obsessed about sprucing up the rest of our homes all year round, we usually always ignore the back patio and come summer when we actually get the time to enjoy this space with friends, hosting barbies we find it is a holy mess.

Typically most ill maintained patios are boring to look at. Beige floors, walls and old furniture… sound familiar?


Here are a few ideas to have your patio ready for summer get-togethers.

  • Since you are working on an outdoor space, chose any of our premium Exterior Paints & Primer.
  • You can choose to make a feature wall that complements or contrasts the rest of your house. To this wall you can later add metal or stone art work. Or even a vertical garden. Choose a bright happy colour for a feature wall like yellow or orange to match the vibe of the season.
  • You can paint the exterior doors that lead to the inside of the house. It’s a small element of fun that doesn’t involve painting a whole wall yet enough to brighten up the surroundings. Doors are usually white inside the house so painting the exterior sides in a bright colour creates a new look for the patio.
  • If your patio has wood elements such as timber railings, floors or pillars then a good polishing should be done to keep the wood healthy. Exposed timber takes a good beating and needs to be treated to prevent rotting. You can do the same for wooden patio furniture- either polish or paint after taking care of damages.
  • If you have metal outdoor furniture, then watch out for rust that creeps up in time… it always helps to paint your metal furniture timely. You can try bright colours like yellow or red (if it matches your overall theme – décor, upholstery, walls) or stick to safe neutrals like white that add character to all themes.


Happy Summer!