DIY Wall Art with left over paints

If you’ve just wrapped up a home painting project, chances are you will still have some half empty tins of paint lying around in your garage.

Put those to good use with these simple weekend DIY projects that won’t cost a thing.

Idea 1: Homemade wall hanging

What do you need?

  1. Either a piece of plywood (size of your choice) or canvas
  2. Left over paint
  3. Large drywall spreader
  4. Spatula
  5. Paint brush
  6. Glitter (optional)

How to go about creating art?

Start by painting the plywood/canvas with the lightest shade you have.

Once that has dried, pour little puddles of different shades of paint in a vertical line on one edge of the plywood/canvas. Use your spreader to swipe/ drag the paint horizontally across the plywood/ canvas. You don’t need to make straight lines; have fun making wavy lines if that appeals to your sense of design.

Continue this process until you have covered the entire plywood/canvas properly. Use the paint brush and spatula if you need to touch up any of the lines or any blank spots.

To add some sparkle, you can always sprinkle glitter lightly across one of the paint stripes when it is still wet. The glitter will stick to the paint as it dries.

Voila! Hang on any wall after it is completely dry. If you used a canvas, have it mounted on a frame and hang on your wall.

Idea 2: Create your own shade with left over paint

What do you need?

  1. Left over cans of paint
  2. Mixer/Spatula
  3. Paint brushes/Rollers
  4. Mixing palette

How to go about creating a custom colour?

Have fun mixing leftover colours to create a custom shade for a feature wall in one of your rooms.

Start with small puddles of paint on a mixing palette to see how the colours combine and if any tweaks need to be made.

Once you are happy with the new shade you have created, try with larger quantities and then apply on wall.

Make sure your walls are prepped as per usual method before painting.

Messy paint tins

Happy Painting!




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