Use a roller like a pro

Streaks, drips, and roller lines are signs of a paint roller used improperly. Nothing can be more frustrating and disappointing when you are trying to get the job done fast and right.

How can you achieve a professional, beautiful, smooth finish? Read these tips on how to use a paint roller like a pro!


We can’t stress enough the importance of working with good quality painting tools. Don’t be tempted to purchase a bargain paint roller to save a few dollars.

Remove any loose fibres from your roller prior to use. Dabbing painters tape against the roller cover is an easy way to remove any extra fibres.

Roll your roller into the paint tray multiple times until the roller is completely coated. A properly loaded paint roller should have an even coverage of paint. It should not drip when moved or require much pressure to transfer paint onto the wall. Working in a ‘W’ pattern, roll paint onto your wall in two to three foot length sections. Shift your pattern to fill in the unpainted areas, overlapping the edges of your previously painted section slightly. Repeat until your wall is covered.

If your project requires more than one can of the same paint colour, mix the remaining paint from your first can into your second to keep the colour consistent.

Always have a damp cloth on hand while painting to quickly clean up any spills or splatters.

Start at the top of your wall and work down.

Avoid applying pressure to the roller when painting. Pressing the roller firmly against the wall will lead to ridges along the edges of your roller lines. If you find yourself pressing harder to get paint on the wall, it is time to reload your roller.

If you find you have tramlines in the area you have just painted, with a fairly empty roller, go over this area, but only roll one way to remove the excess paint and tramlines.

Happy Painting!


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