Create a soothing bathroom

After a long day at work most people look forward to coming home and unwinding with a nice, warm bath or shower before bed. How would you describe your bathroom? Is it a peaceful retreat you crave after a tough day?

If your answer is no, let us show you how using the right colours, you can turn your bathroom into a sanctuary.

There are plenty of colour options that set the mood for relaxation.

Green & White

Sage green is a great choice in bathroom colours as it captures the feeling of the outdoors. Add some white with touches of warm wood grain on the flooring to bring the green wall/s to life. If you enjoy spending lots of time in nature, a woodsy colour scheme will be just right for your bathroom.


Blue & Cream

If you love the ocean then this would be a natural colour choice. Blue accent walls are reminiscent of oceans and clear skies and they go perfectly with cream-coloured walls to create a nice balance.

Faucet and Sink (House image created by Mrsiraphol –


Nature-themed colour schemes aren’t the only good option if you’re looking to transform your bathroom into a relaxing environment. Walls painted a soft lavender are a soothing choice that add that feminine touch.



If pastels aren’t your first love, grey is a beautiful neutral colour that feels both sophisticated and relaxing.


Additional tips to make your bathroom your daily haven:

Don’t strain your eyes under bright bulbs. Lighting that may be perfect for getting ready in the morning is too bright for when you want to unwind. Consider installing dimmer switches.

While you’re picking out candles for your bath tub, don’t just opt for essential oils like lavender or chamomile but also a few in a scent that you fancy like chocolate or strawberry.

If your bathroom has natural light consider bringing in a plant or two. If you can’t have a plant in your bathroom, artwork showcasing nature is a great way to incorporate elements of nature into your space.

Happy Painting!

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