How paint colour can change the perceived size of a room

Paint colour selection is extremely important as far as creating a feel or atmosphere in a particular room. That’s part of the reason colour section is so important, as it can be the difference between a room feeling comfortable or cramped.

Additionally, certain colours and lighting can give a room the appearance of being much larger or smaller than it is.

Small roomsbedroom-421848_960_720

A common homeowners’ peeve is decorating a small room in a way that makes it feel bigger. Generally, cool, light tones and shades are the way to go, not only because they make the best use of natural light, but because they have a receding quality that visually open a room up. Thus it is recommended that in smaller rooms, you maximise natural light as much as possible and avoid using multiple shades of paint. Using just one is ideal as it makes it difficult for the eyes to recognise the room’s edges.

Large, long roomschairs-1840377_960_720

Sometimes large, long rooms can look boring and lifeless with long expanses of wall in one shade. Picking the right colours can help. Darker colours and warm shades on the most remote and distant wall can have an effect of making it seem much closer, especially if the walls adjacent (the longer walls) are painted in lighter colours.

Low ceilingsceiling-fan-1166958_960_720

To make a low ceiling seem higher we suggest using the same bright colours on the walls and ceiling. This has an optical effect of blurring the lines somewhat between where the wall ends and the ceiling begins.

If you need more help on choosing the right colours for your space, we are happy to provide you with advice. Drop in to our store for a chat with a paint expert.


Happy Painting!


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