A home owners’ guide to choosing colours

We all live in different types of homes. Apartments, villas, bungalows, beach houses… the list goes on. No matter how big or small our house may be we all want to make it feel like home. Which is why painting our house is often termed ‘labour of love’.

We have a few ideas to help you decide on a colour palette for your home based on the type of home owner you are.

Single Ladies or Gentlemengrey

For your bachelor or bachelorette pad, experiment with a palette predominantly showcasing shades of grey. This neutral palette is the ideal base for smaller spaces like apartments and also for any kind of decor pieces like sofas, curtains, vases, blinds, rugs that you might tend to change often based on season or trends. Sticking to shades of grey allows for versatility with décor. Go bold with bright, contrasting colours for your décor pieces if you long for some colour.

Family Man or Womanpexels-photo-77931

(pic courtesy pixabay.com)

Moms and dads play multiple roles. Besides being parents, they are also cooks, cleaners, doctors, chauffeurs, interior decorators and more – this, on top of their regular 9-5 weekday jobs! At the end of the day, it is important to come home to a bright, happy, yet relaxing space. Bright neutrals for your walls will stand the test of time for all family homes as one can expect a lot of changes around the house with children and pets.

World Travellerearthy

Those who you who are lucky enough to travel for business or pleasure, often end up with souvenirs, tapestries and furniture from other cities, countries and continents. Since there is the high tendency that your belongings will continue to grow with each trip, choosing wholesome, earthy tones for your walls is a wise choice. This is another palette that will allow you to continue to add to your collections without any major clashes in colours resulting in your house looking like a circus tent.

Design Loverpurple

If you are design loving homeowner chances are you are very up to date with the current trends in the home decor world and find it exciting to embrace current and popular colours of the year for your home and match them expertly with your home décor or even find furniture and home décor pieces to transform your home into a catalogue worthy space. Look for the colour of the year in our selection of paints to add magic to your walls.

Happy Painting!


(Feature image, courtesy pixabay.com)



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