How To Choose The Right Paint Colour

Are you contemplating painting your home, but aren’t sure where to begin?

Painting a house, a room, or even a single wall, is an easy DIY project to instantly give your home a fresh facelift. But, before you pick up a paint brush or step foot into our store, there are a few fundamental things to consider. Allow us to show you how to choose a paint colour you will love, that is perfect for your home.

Deluxe Coatings has hundreds of colours to choose from, and deciding on the right one can be a daunting task. Ask yourself these basic questions.

  1. Do you want your room to have a warm or cool vibe?
  2. Do you want your room to have an accent wall?
  3. Do you want to play it safe with subtle, classic neutrals?
  4. Do you want to stick with the current colour trends of 2017?
  5. Do you want a complete makeover or just a freshen up?


First consider your furniture and decor. The tone of your flooring and other architectural elements like fireplaces or pillars and fixtures like cupboards or cabinets in your room should greatly affect the colour you choose for your walls.

For example: If you have dark wood floors, we advice a lighter tone on your walls to keep your space feeling bright, large and open. If you have light flooring, tiles or carpets, we say add some contrast with darker tones. Avoid matching colours for your walls and décor so that your space doesn’t become flat.

Colour Palettepexels-photo-77931

Consider each of your rooms as part of the same home rather than separate units. Keep your colour palette consistent. This doesn’t mean that every wall in your house should be painted the same colour but that the colours you choose should be part of a cohesive palette and should work in harmony. Choose colours from the same family.

If you have or desire feature walls, then opt for similar but slightly lighter colours in adjacent rooms to create a seamless transition between spaces.


Rooms with large windows that allow abundance of natural light in are every home owners’ dream. When choosing your shade, for bright rooms it is safe to say that the paint colour will likely look just as it is on the paint swatch in our store.

If however, you aren’t lucky with natural lighting in your home, remember that light bulbs can often affect the undertones of your paint colour. Test a sample of the colour of your choice on a wall in each room and observe it over various times throughout the day to see how each lighting scenario affects the colour. This is your surest test for colour.


Happy Painting!


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