Christmas Decor Ideas for Different Wall Colours

Your house might currently be painted in shades other than the usual white. Considering the traditional Christmas palette of deep reds and greens, chances are, you are out looking for the best way to complement your wall colour with the right decor. We have gathered a couple of ideas for you!

  1. White Walls
    For the most traditional wall colour, the best Christmas decor is the traditional palette but you can get creative by picking modern pieces that have an artistic flare. A white wall is the perfect canvas for Christmas decor creativity!

  2. Off-white and Cream Walls
    Pastel, softer shades of blue can bring out a sense of unity in your decor. Alternatively, you can complement your cream walls with golden and brown decor with bursts of white to balance everything.

  3. Orange Walls
    Orange is a very energetic colour and can be a challenge when it comes to matching decor. To match the energy of orange, use artistic sketches that show movement, and scarlet reds with ample amount of white space for your Christmas decor.


  4. Green Walls
    Dark green walls will highlight metallic whites and golden hues, while lighter greens go best with white minimalist decor. For lime green, try using wooden decor that can be complemented with deep reds and dark greens.

  5. Pink Walls
    Red and green decor may look out of place for pink walls. Your safest bet would be to use pink matt and metallic decor accompanied by golden or silver ornaments and lighting.

  6. Yellow Walls
    Like orange, yellow is a vibrant energetic shade. However, yellow goes well with greens and reds, making your scope of choice very wide. As yellow resembles the rays of the sun, using natural elements like branches and foliage will add appeal to your decor.

  7. Blue Walls
    Blue is associated with water and serenity. A mix of natural wooden elements with silver, white and reflecting-mirror decor can be explored.


  8. Brown Walls
    For shades of brown with undertones of pink, white decor will stand out the most accompanied by candle-light.

  9. Grey Walls
    Use minimal decor for most impact with a grey wall. For darker shades, use whites and silver and for lighter shades, use dark grey and yellow lights with massive bursts of white that will blend well.

  10. Red Walls
    Red walls can complement both bold, contrasting whites as well as a complementary golden yellow.


  11. Purple Walls
    Purple is a magnificent colour and should be decorated accordingly. Use heavy patterned decor and a lot of whites with glittering silvers. Try to reduce the greens and red as much as possible.

Happy decorating. Have a Merry Christmas!


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