Leftover Paint? 10 Easy, Creative Projects to use ‘em up.

leftover paint recycle ideas

You just finished your renovation project or you know someone who did. Expectedly, you might have extra leftover paint. If you do not have the right storage options or space, here’s how you can finish up those cans efficiently.

  1. Stencils
    Buy a decorative stencil and create beautiful patterns across your walls. Read our tutorial on how to use stencils here.

  2. Accent walls
    Make one of your walls stand out by creating patterns or painting them with a contrasting shade. Here’s how you can create a feature wall.

    accent wall pattern ideas
  3. Dresser
    Renovate your dresser or other small cabinets with a splash of paint. Use a colour that stands out from your wall or blends in gently and adorn the furniture with high contrast decor.

    dresser paint modern
  4. Doors
    Use your extra paint to give your doors a vibrant look, followed by a high gloss varnish.

    blue door paint ideas
  5. Frames
    Creating matt finish frames that can be used as decor without photographs.

  6. Wooden textures
    Use leftover High Gloss Varnish on old, wooden furniture to make them stand out.

  7. Painted lamps
    Use gloss enamel paints for old lamps that will add colour to your room.

  8. Tiny decor
    Re-touch tiny decor with vibrant colours!

  9. Get creative
    Find things around your house and garden that you can get creative with.

  10. Donate
    Still got paint left? Donate it.


Happy Painting!


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