5 Paint Colour Trends for 2017

2017 is around the corner and many of the industry experts have already shared their take on trending colours for the next year. Painting has moved from a necessity to much more carefully planned process. For homeowners and those looking to renovate, here are 5 important predictions made by interior experts on what colours you should consider.

  1. Grey Blue
    This shade of paint was widely used in ancient tapestries and is making a huge comeback in 2017. The grey blue palette carries a sense of dark coziness and mystery. Works best for spaces that have minimalistic décor.

    grey blue
    PC: zisne
  2. Dark Green with Neutrals
    Dark green shades open a room for a lot of creativity. You can create an accent wall or use a grunge finish to bring out a nature-inspired look. Complement your walls with wooden furniture.

    2017 green wall trend
    PC: homeanddecor
  3. Pastel shades
    Pastel shades bring a sense of space and playfulness to a house. These are perfect for well-lit spaces that are generally filled with friends and family.

    pastel wall paint colours 2017
    PC: xtend-studio
  4. Neutrals
    Neutrals have been trending across Pinterest for much of mid 2016 and will continue to be in trend in 2017 as people explore more possibilities. Using a darker neutral under a lighter shade makes for spaciousness which is well complimented with neutral coloured décor.

    Neutral 2017 wall paint
    PC: ultimatechristoph-home-inspiration
  5. Mineral Grey
    White walls may not be the best idea anymore as homes and spaces are getting bolder with their choice of paints. An earthy mineral grey shade has been receiving much attention for its urban look.

    Mineral Grey 2017 wall paint
    PC: roomdecorideas

Happy Painting!

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