Colour of the Month – Yellow

It’s nearly the end of 2016. A lot of people would agree that this year passed away in the blink of an eye. Several short term goals were wrapped up and long term goals await fruition in 2017. What better way to bring back all that expended energy than New-ember renovations! For this month, we believe the colour you need is the energetic, optimistic and creative Yellow. We bring you five yellow wall paint ideas to explore your creative energy.

  1. Black and Yellow
    The highest contrast occurring in nature is that of black and yellow. Use the right shade of yellow paint and compliment it with black decor, furniture and wall pieces. For a room decorated with these contrasting elements, use white lights to bring everything together.


Yellow paint black decor/furniture
House Planning Ideas
  1. Ombre or Unfinished grunge look
    Give your walls a painted feel of the sunrise. Choose your shade of yellow paint to create a warm, clear ombre effect that can be complimented with lighter coloured, minimalist furniture. Read our tutorial on how you can create your own ombre wall.
    If you are not to sure about pulling off an ombre, try a grunge, unfinished look.

    Yellow minimalist grunge wall paint


  2. Adjacent Wall
    Yellow is a highly adaptable colour. Unlike most other shades, it’s rather easy to combine and experiment with this colour. Choose a bolder, heavier paint colour to compliment a bright yellow wall and a soft pink pastel for a softer yellow.


  3. Wallpaper
    Your yellow wall can become a canvas to experiment with wallpapers. Use a lo-sheen paint to ensure your wall is protected. These acrylic paints are washable and will give you a longer lasting finish despite the experimentation.


  4. Rustic
    Lighter, more neutral shades of yellow, such as an ochre, can bring out the best in your rustic decor and furniture. For houses that are decorated with bamboos, teak or wooden furniture, softer yellow paints are better suited than a vibrant energetic shade. At Deluxe Coatings you can create your paint as per your requirements!

    Ochre yellow wall paint

Happy Painting!


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