DIY Tutorial for a Jackson Pollock Splatter Painted Wall

If you have ever been interested in abstract expressionism, even as a fleeting phase, the magnificent works of Jackson Pollock would have shown up on all your search results.

Pollock believed that drip painting worked as self discovery and one must paint who they are rather than what they want to see. Your bedroom wall should and can be your space for a drip inspired expression. You do not need to have an art degree to create this masterpiece with our easy tutorial on abstract expressionism inspired wall art.

  1. Do your research
    Do not just dive into this tutorial as something you want to get done with. Rather, spend some time reading about the artist, gathering inspiration, making mood boards and picking out colours.
  1. Get the right supplies
    Pick Matt finish, latex base paints. A flat finish is the closest to a Pollock work. Not sure about the types of paint or colours to pick? Reach out to us! We are happy to help you with your project. In addition, you will need drop cloths and blue painter’s tape.
  1. Colour Considerations
    While Pollock used muted colours, feel free to be creative! But do consult experts in case you do not fully understand colour theory. You can consult us and create customised shades at Deluxe Coatings for a more personalised touch to your project.
  1. Protect the other walls and move all the furniture
    This maybe a bit of an effort, but no masterpiece can be successful without proper prepping. This technique will be a messy a project, so cover as much ground, walls and immovable furniture as possible.
  1. Prep Your Wall
    Now that your room is set up, it’s time to prep your wall. Remove any nails or screws and smooth out any cracks or plastering faults. Use a masking tape to seal off edges of doors and windows or any other parts you do not want paint to spill on. This will also ensure a clean finish for your wall.
  1. Apply a base coat
    Choose a white or an off-white shade for your base coat. There are many neutral paints you can choose from for this project. Talk to us at Deluxe Coatings to make the right choice for your wall canvas.
  1. Experiment
    Its now time to start expressing. There’s no right or wrong way to do this. There are no guidelines on which colour first, how much of it or any other trick. Harder motions will get you longer, drawn out splatters; lighter flicks will get you shorter drips. Short, hard movements will get you bigger, heavier splashes of paint. Above all, stay in the moment and do not stop expressing.


Happy Painting!


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