Selling Your Property? MUST DO paint touch ups to increase Value!

House Renovations Paint

Are you planning on putting your property on sale?

Sales can be a tricky project as potential buyers are very picky with large investments.

Before starting your open house or putting up that ‘For Sale’ board up on your lawn, it is important to get your place looked at by an expert and adequate repairs must be undertaken. To get the best deal out of your sale, a fresh coat of paint goes a long way. Presentation is key while selling a house. To  really make an impression make sure to do the following paint touch ups.

Front Entrance

A potential buyer will make his/her first impression based on your front entrance. They take it all in at a glance and most of the mood for the tour is set considering the front entrance, gate, lawn or door. Use a Gloss or Satin enamel to paint your doors, a gloss varnish or wood stain to spruce up outdoor furniture and for any textured outdoor walls try an acrylic coating such as LoSheen or Matt. Pick a paint colour for your door based on its surrounding elements like a high contrasting complementary shade to the predominant colour of flowers in the lawn. If your lawn has primarily red flowers, a darker shade of green would be perfect for your door. If you are unsure about complementary shades, contact us!

External Wall Repair and Painting

Do a check on all of your exteriors for any damages. If your outdoors have any cement surfaces, brick paving, slate and/or limestone, use a sealer. A variety of options are available for Bricksealers , Limestone sealer and other paving. Consult with an expert in case you are not confident about using a sealer yourself.  These improvements will make a property much more valuable without the need for major renovation.


Give your roof a top quality finish with a Roof Coating. A good Roof Coating can help achieve an exterior gloss finish on roof tiles, brick, timber, iron, cement render, fibre cement and asbestos.  The advantages of having this finish before putting your house up for sale is limitless as buyers want to see a place well taken care of.

Painting Interior Walls

Interior paint trends have evolved since simple white or off white shades. Your house could use an feature/accent wall. This is the easiest way to create beautiful interiors. Read our detailed article on how to create the perfect feature wall. Keep a balance between creativity and design minimalism as a potential buyer may be put off by outlandish colours as tastes vary. Consult an expert in case you are unsure about colour schemes and approach to painting your interiors. A Matt Acrylic  finish on walls is known to be highly popular amongst home seekers. Also consider using textures and wallpapers only if you are confident or have prior experience.

Kitchen Re-paint

Make sure your kitchen looks tidy, clean and spacious rather than over-done with upgrades that give the impression of being unaffordable. Kitchen walls generally have spills, stains and splashes from cooking or gatherings in the smaller region of the house. Prep the walls of your kitchen before starting to coat them with paint.


Give bathroom walls a well balanced shade. Since a bathroom takes up a smaller area than many painting projects, there’s a risk of underestimating the amount of paint you will need. Use our paint calculator to determine how much paint you will need for any project. Choose a Satin or LoSheen finish for the bathroom walls, to address frequent moisture and cleaning issues that are common in this busy space.

Happy Painting!


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