Why you NEED to Revamp your Office Walls – The Science of Paints and Productivity at an Office

Colour theory and therapy has been around for years. It has been disputed and debated, but ever-growing research keeps showcasing evidence that colours have a profound impact on behaviour. Numerous experiments on colour psychology have brought this field of study into the limelight.

Not convinced? Then revamp your walls just to bring your office out of a boring white space to a place of comfort.


For work spaces that require a lot of brain activity, such as computation, blue should be the predominant colour of choice. Blue has been known to be ‘the most productive colour’ for years now. However, adding a splash of orange can brighten up saturated minds. Bring in orange furniture and window treatment!

Office Wall Paint Blue


For jobs that demand high creativity, emotion plays a vital part in bringing out the artist inside. Yellow is the colour of energy. It stimulates the ego and brings a sense of optimism. Psychologists believe this co-relation is created out of the energy and light we receive from the sun itself. Compliment your yellow wall with black and whites!

Office Wall Paint Yellow
Office Snapshots


If your workspace requires innovation, your mind needs to be balanced between your research and your creativity. Nature finds a way to balance out everything. The calming shades of green should be your colour of choice for this balance. Better yet, bring nature and technology into your office space!

Office Wall Paint Green


For a gym or a workspace that requires physical prowess, red is known to increase heart rate and in turn favours physical strength and acts as a stimulus. If your office is a high energy, fast paced space and has your employees up and about, bring them the intensity of red.

Office Wall Paint Red

We see one million colours. At Deluxe Coatings, we can bring them all to you. Happy Painting!


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