Why We Love Terracotta Painted Walls (And You Should, Too!)

Bright colourful paints bring a splash of vibrancy, radiance and energy to your home, but for homeowners that are looking for a warm, natural and rustic feel, the earthy shades of terracotta can never go wrong. Here are 5 terracotta inspired interior wall paints for your re-modelling and renovation projects.

  1. Everything Natural

Being part of nature is relaxing and you can bring this meditative feel to your house by bringing together earthen shade of terracotta and predominantly green artwork. Contrast is key in picking your furniture for a terracotta wall.

  1. For the Love of Everything Vintage

For fans of vintage decor, a darker shade of terracotta illuminated with yellow lights can inspire a sense of royalty. To bring out the best in your Terracotta walls, compliment it with intricately designed furniture alongside white tapestry.

  1. The Feature/Accent Wall

If you already have a warm off white shade or yellowish painted walls, a light terracotta can be used to create a feature wall. Accent walls not just bring attention to your house but also help to create an illusion of space for smaller houses.

  1. For Sun Lovers!

If you have invested in a house with large windows, your home definitely welcomes sun rays every morning. An earthy tint of terracotta can make your space feel more in touch with nature. The yellowish hue of sun rays can become a big part of your house feels when it has an earthy wall to reflect off from.

  1. Minimalistic Interiors

Terracotta does not necessarily have to be used for a vintage or earthy finish. At Deluxe Coatings, you can create your own shade of Terracotta to compliment your white minimalist furniture or just explore your creativity with this colour.

Happy Painting!


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