DIY Tutorial for a Jackson Pollock Splatter Painted Wall

If you have ever been interested in abstract expressionism, even as a fleeting phase, the magnificent works of Jackson Pollock would have shown up on all your search results.

Pollock believed that drip painting worked as self discovery and one must paint who they are rather than what they want to see. Your bedroom wall should and can be your space for a drip inspired expression. You do not need to have an art degree to create this masterpiece with our easy tutorial on abstract expressionism inspired wall art.

  1. Do your research
    Do not just dive into this tutorial as something you want to get done with. Rather, spend some time reading about the artist, gathering inspiration, making mood boards and picking out colours.
  1. Get the right supplies
    Pick Matt finish, latex base paints. A flat finish is the closest to a Pollock work. Not sure about the types of paint or colours to pick? Reach out to us! We are happy to help you with your project. In addition, you will need drop cloths and blue painter’s tape.
  1. Colour Considerations
    While Pollock used muted colours, feel free to be creative! But do consult experts in case you do not fully understand colour theory. You can consult us and create customised shades at Deluxe Coatings for a more personalised touch to your project.
  1. Protect the other walls and move all the furniture
    This maybe a bit of an effort, but no masterpiece can be successful without proper prepping. This technique will be a messy a project, so cover as much ground, walls and immovable furniture as possible.
  1. Prep Your Wall
    Now that your room is set up, it’s time to prep your wall. Remove any nails or screws and smooth out any cracks or plastering faults. Use a masking tape to seal off edges of doors and windows or any other parts you do not want paint to spill on. This will also ensure a clean finish for your wall.
  1. Apply a base coat
    Choose a white or an off-white shade for your base coat. There are many neutral paints you can choose from for this project. Talk to us at Deluxe Coatings to make the right choice for your wall canvas.
  1. Experiment
    Its now time to start expressing. There’s no right or wrong way to do this. There are no guidelines on which colour first, how much of it or any other trick. Harder motions will get you longer, drawn out splatters; lighter flicks will get you shorter drips. Short, hard movements will get you bigger, heavier splashes of paint. Above all, stay in the moment and do not stop expressing.


Happy Painting!


Selling Your Property? MUST DO paint touch ups to increase Value!

House Renovations Paint

Are you planning on putting your property on sale?

Sales can be a tricky project as potential buyers are very picky with large investments.

Before starting your open house or putting up that ‘For Sale’ board up on your lawn, it is important to get your place looked at by an expert and adequate repairs must be undertaken. To get the best deal out of your sale, a fresh coat of paint goes a long way. Presentation is key while selling a house. To  really make an impression make sure to do the following paint touch ups.

Front Entrance

A potential buyer will make his/her first impression based on your front entrance. They take it all in at a glance and most of the mood for the tour is set considering the front entrance, gate, lawn or door. Use a Gloss or Satin enamel to paint your doors, a gloss varnish or wood stain to spruce up outdoor furniture and for any textured outdoor walls try an acrylic coating such as LoSheen or Matt. Pick a paint colour for your door based on its surrounding elements like a high contrasting complementary shade to the predominant colour of flowers in the lawn. If your lawn has primarily red flowers, a darker shade of green would be perfect for your door. If you are unsure about complementary shades, contact us!

External Wall Repair and Painting

Do a check on all of your exteriors for any damages. If your outdoors have any cement surfaces, brick paving, slate and/or limestone, use a sealer. A variety of options are available for Bricksealers , Limestone sealer and other paving. Consult with an expert in case you are not confident about using a sealer yourself.  These improvements will make a property much more valuable without the need for major renovation.


Give your roof a top quality finish with a Roof Coating. A good Roof Coating can help achieve an exterior gloss finish on roof tiles, brick, timber, iron, cement render, fibre cement and asbestos.  The advantages of having this finish before putting your house up for sale is limitless as buyers want to see a place well taken care of.

Painting Interior Walls

Interior paint trends have evolved since simple white or off white shades. Your house could use an feature/accent wall. This is the easiest way to create beautiful interiors. Read our detailed article on how to create the perfect feature wall. Keep a balance between creativity and design minimalism as a potential buyer may be put off by outlandish colours as tastes vary. Consult an expert in case you are unsure about colour schemes and approach to painting your interiors. A Matt Acrylic  finish on walls is known to be highly popular amongst home seekers. Also consider using textures and wallpapers only if you are confident or have prior experience.

Kitchen Re-paint

Make sure your kitchen looks tidy, clean and spacious rather than over-done with upgrades that give the impression of being unaffordable. Kitchen walls generally have spills, stains and splashes from cooking or gatherings in the smaller region of the house. Prep the walls of your kitchen before starting to coat them with paint.


Give bathroom walls a well balanced shade. Since a bathroom takes up a smaller area than many painting projects, there’s a risk of underestimating the amount of paint you will need. Use our paint calculator to determine how much paint you will need for any project. Choose a Satin or LoSheen finish for the bathroom walls, to address frequent moisture and cleaning issues that are common in this busy space.

Happy Painting!

Why you NEED to Revamp your Office Walls – The Science of Paints and Productivity at an Office

Colour theory and therapy has been around for years. It has been disputed and debated, but ever-growing research keeps showcasing evidence that colours have a profound impact on behaviour. Numerous experiments on colour psychology have brought this field of study into the limelight.

Not convinced? Then revamp your walls just to bring your office out of a boring white space to a place of comfort.


For work spaces that require a lot of brain activity, such as computation, blue should be the predominant colour of choice. Blue has been known to be ‘the most productive colour’ for years now. However, adding a splash of orange can brighten up saturated minds. Bring in orange furniture and window treatment!

Office Wall Paint Blue


For jobs that demand high creativity, emotion plays a vital part in bringing out the artist inside. Yellow is the colour of energy. It stimulates the ego and brings a sense of optimism. Psychologists believe this co-relation is created out of the energy and light we receive from the sun itself. Compliment your yellow wall with black and whites!

Office Wall Paint Yellow
Office Snapshots


If your workspace requires innovation, your mind needs to be balanced between your research and your creativity. Nature finds a way to balance out everything. The calming shades of green should be your colour of choice for this balance. Better yet, bring nature and technology into your office space!

Office Wall Paint Green


For a gym or a workspace that requires physical prowess, red is known to increase heart rate and in turn favours physical strength and acts as a stimulus. If your office is a high energy, fast paced space and has your employees up and about, bring them the intensity of red.

Office Wall Paint Red

We see one million colours. At Deluxe Coatings, we can bring them all to you. Happy Painting!

Why We Love Terracotta Painted Walls (And You Should, Too!)

Bright colourful paints bring a splash of vibrancy, radiance and energy to your home, but for homeowners that are looking for a warm, natural and rustic feel, the earthy shades of terracotta can never go wrong. Here are 5 terracotta inspired interior wall paints for your re-modelling and renovation projects.

  1. Everything Natural

Being part of nature is relaxing and you can bring this meditative feel to your house by bringing together earthen shade of terracotta and predominantly green artwork. Contrast is key in picking your furniture for a terracotta wall.

  1. For the Love of Everything Vintage

For fans of vintage decor, a darker shade of terracotta illuminated with yellow lights can inspire a sense of royalty. To bring out the best in your Terracotta walls, compliment it with intricately designed furniture alongside white tapestry.

  1. The Feature/Accent Wall

If you already have a warm off white shade or yellowish painted walls, a light terracotta can be used to create a feature wall. Accent walls not just bring attention to your house but also help to create an illusion of space for smaller houses.

  1. For Sun Lovers!

If you have invested in a house with large windows, your home definitely welcomes sun rays every morning. An earthy tint of terracotta can make your space feel more in touch with nature. The yellowish hue of sun rays can become a big part of your house feels when it has an earthy wall to reflect off from.

  1. Minimalistic Interiors

Terracotta does not necessarily have to be used for a vintage or earthy finish. At Deluxe Coatings, you can create your own shade of Terracotta to compliment your white minimalist furniture or just explore your creativity with this colour.

Happy Painting!