7 Easy, Economical and Creative Painting Ideas

Renovations and makeovers can be stressful. But completing a masterpiece with your wall paints will feel like the view after climbing a mountain. You do not need to spend several dollars to get a creative, fashionable and well done wall. Here are 7 economical ideas to achieving creative wall art in your house.

  1. Use tape to create patterns

A roll of painter’s tape will cost you about $6 and you can use it in multiple ways to achieve straight-edged patterns across a wall


  1. Use contrast wallpaper

After a perfect finish, invest in wallpapers that will perk up your wall with a sharp contrast.


  1. Paint just one strip of color

If you want a more minimalist look, use a warm shade to paint just a strip of color or a block of it to bring attention to the wall.


  1. Stop at a grunge feel

Purchase a thick roll of painter’s tape, stick it across a wall and tear it haphazardly to create a grunge texture. Allow the paint to become lighter as you reach the torn half and wait for the paint to dry.


  1. Write on your walls

After a well done paint job, put your writing skills into work. Take a paint brush and experiment. Write your favorite quotes, poems, paragraphs or lyrics in a contrasting shade.


  1. Get a Textured roller

You can find a textured roller anywhere online ranging from $3 – $20. Paint a dark shade and let it dry. Use a very shade to build the texture across your wall.


  1. Use household items to create textures

If you are not interested in a more machine accurate look, find household items to create textures that seem more natural.


Happy Painting!


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