Easy DIY Steps to Ombre Wall Painting

Yellow Ombre wall paint

Ombre has been trending across different mediums and rightly so. This form of shading, a gradual blend of one colour hue to another, usually moving tints and shades from light to dark, has been widely adored and appreciated. If one regular shade of paint may seem boring to you, you can add a spark of creativity to your space by giving your wall a serene ombre effect.

  1. Pick Shades from the same Colour Family

You can chose as many shades as you wish for this project. In case you are a beginner or you are short on time, we suggest selecting three shades as this would reduce the amount of time and precision work required for blending the paints gracefully. A perfect ombre effect will require complimentary, effortlessly blended hues. At Deluxe Coatings, you can find and create these paints by our experts.


  1. Prep your Wall and Mask everything

Once you have purchased your paints, it’s time to prep your wall. Remove any nails or screws and smooth out any cracks or plastering faults. Use a masking tape to seal off edges of doors and windows or any other parts you do not want paint to spill on. This will also ensure a clean finish for your wall.


  1. Lightest Paint First

Use the lightest paint to cover your entire wall with one lavish coat. Make sure to use a primer beforehand or buy paints that have primer mixed in.


  1. Section the Wall

Once the coat is dry, create three sections on your wall, leaving a gap of approximately 6” between the sections. Paint the middle section with the medium shade and use a dry brush to blend it at a 45 degree angle with the top shade in the gap. Do the same for the bottom section with the darkest shade.


  1. Create Two More Shades

In two different containers, blend the lightest shade with the medium shade and the medium shade with the dark shade to create two different shades of paint. Use these lightly to help blend the three sections more evenly.


  1. Blend Away!

Use the newly created light+medium shade to blend the top most gap and the medium+dark shade for the bottom gap. Make sure to hold the brush at a 45 degree angle and move fast to ensure effective blending. Continue this step until you achieve the level of ombre you want.


Happy Painting!


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