6 Hacks to Create your Feature Wall

feature wall diy

Feature walls became a massive trend for designers in the 1990s and early 2000s. It expressed creativity, individuality and gave a room a sense of identity. Feature walls have been making a comeback recently. Whether you wish to add some pizzazz to your apartment or create a decorative space in your home or villa, here’s 6 easy hacks to keep in mind when creating the perfect feature wall.

  1. Colour Chart

Your room may currently have a uniform white/off white or any other monotone on all four walls. Having a range of colours to pick from is the first step. Pick the colour that is in trend and that you wish to wake up to everyday. Find the shade that suits your needs and your room.


  1. Prep

Once your wall and colour is decided, be sure to prep your wall. Remove any nails or screws, seal any cracks, sand lightly and treat poor quality plastering. Adding a quality oil-based sealing agent goes a long way in creating a good base for long lasting paint jobs.


  1. Contrast

Contrast is key in creating a feature wall. Your wall has to stand out not just in terms of colour but also location. Pick a wall that is opposite a large window or adjacent to another room.


  1. Minimalistic

For most, less is a lot. If your intention is to create an illusion of space or just a sense of tranquillity, consider one dark shade that brings impact to your space.


  1. Patterns

Your feature wall does not necessarily have to be a clear shade of paint. Add drama by choosing patterns from different materials such as wood or sandstone. If you wish to invest in this project do not forget to protect your wall from environmental damages.


  1. Finish

While investing time in textures it is important to consider your finish. After your wall, colour and texture have been chosen, pick a finish to bring it all together.


Happy Painting!


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