7 Easy, Economical and Creative Painting Ideas

Renovations and makeovers can be stressful. But completing a masterpiece with your wall paints will feel like the view after climbing a mountain. You do not need to spend several dollars to get a creative, fashionable and well done wall. Here are 7 economical ideas to achieving creative wall art in your house.

  1. Use tape to create patterns

A roll of painter’s tape will cost you about $6 and you can use it in multiple ways to achieve straight-edged patterns across a wall


  1. Use contrast wallpaper

After a perfect finish, invest in wallpapers that will perk up your wall with a sharp contrast.


  1. Paint just one strip of color

If you want a more minimalist look, use a warm shade to paint just a strip of color or a block of it to bring attention to the wall.


  1. Stop at a grunge feel

Purchase a thick roll of painter’s tape, stick it across a wall and tear it haphazardly to create a grunge texture. Allow the paint to become lighter as you reach the torn half and wait for the paint to dry.


  1. Write on your walls

After a well done paint job, put your writing skills into work. Take a paint brush and experiment. Write your favorite quotes, poems, paragraphs or lyrics in a contrasting shade.


  1. Get a Textured roller

You can find a textured roller anywhere online ranging from $3 – $20. Paint a dark shade and let it dry. Use a very shade to build the texture across your wall.


  1. Use household items to create textures

If you are not interested in a more machine accurate look, find household items to create textures that seem more natural.


Happy Painting!


Easy DIY Steps to Ombre Wall Painting

Yellow Ombre wall paint

Ombre has been trending across different mediums and rightly so. This form of shading, a gradual blend of one colour hue to another, usually moving tints and shades from light to dark, has been widely adored and appreciated. If one regular shade of paint may seem boring to you, you can add a spark of creativity to your space by giving your wall a serene ombre effect.

  1. Pick Shades from the same Colour Family

You can chose as many shades as you wish for this project. In case you are a beginner or you are short on time, we suggest selecting three shades as this would reduce the amount of time and precision work required for blending the paints gracefully. A perfect ombre effect will require complimentary, effortlessly blended hues. At Deluxe Coatings, you can find and create these paints by our experts.


  1. Prep your Wall and Mask everything

Once you have purchased your paints, it’s time to prep your wall. Remove any nails or screws and smooth out any cracks or plastering faults. Use a masking tape to seal off edges of doors and windows or any other parts you do not want paint to spill on. This will also ensure a clean finish for your wall.


  1. Lightest Paint First

Use the lightest paint to cover your entire wall with one lavish coat. Make sure to use a primer beforehand or buy paints that have primer mixed in.


  1. Section the Wall

Once the coat is dry, create three sections on your wall, leaving a gap of approximately 6” between the sections. Paint the middle section with the medium shade and use a dry brush to blend it at a 45 degree angle with the top shade in the gap. Do the same for the bottom section with the darkest shade.


  1. Create Two More Shades

In two different containers, blend the lightest shade with the medium shade and the medium shade with the dark shade to create two different shades of paint. Use these lightly to help blend the three sections more evenly.


  1. Blend Away!

Use the newly created light+medium shade to blend the top most gap and the medium+dark shade for the bottom gap. Make sure to hold the brush at a 45 degree angle and move fast to ensure effective blending. Continue this step until you achieve the level of ombre you want.


Happy Painting!

6 Hacks to Create your Feature Wall

feature wall diy

Feature walls became a massive trend for designers in the 1990s and early 2000s. It expressed creativity, individuality and gave a room a sense of identity. Feature walls have been making a comeback recently. Whether you wish to add some pizzazz to your apartment or create a decorative space in your home or villa, here’s 6 easy hacks to keep in mind when creating the perfect feature wall.

  1. Colour Chart

Your room may currently have a uniform white/off white or any other monotone on all four walls. Having a range of colours to pick from is the first step. Pick the colour that is in trend and that you wish to wake up to everyday. Find the shade that suits your needs and your room.


  1. Prep

Once your wall and colour is decided, be sure to prep your wall. Remove any nails or screws, seal any cracks, sand lightly and treat poor quality plastering. Adding a quality oil-based sealing agent goes a long way in creating a good base for long lasting paint jobs.


  1. Contrast

Contrast is key in creating a feature wall. Your wall has to stand out not just in terms of colour but also location. Pick a wall that is opposite a large window or adjacent to another room.


  1. Minimalistic

For most, less is a lot. If your intention is to create an illusion of space or just a sense of tranquillity, consider one dark shade that brings impact to your space.


  1. Patterns

Your feature wall does not necessarily have to be a clear shade of paint. Add drama by choosing patterns from different materials such as wood or sandstone. If you wish to invest in this project do not forget to protect your wall from environmental damages.


  1. Finish

While investing time in textures it is important to consider your finish. After your wall, colour and texture have been chosen, pick a finish to bring it all together.


Happy Painting!