Painting your exteriors

painting your exteriors

Basic question: Why do we paint the exterior of our buildings/ homes/ offices?

Basic answer: to protect the exterior surfaces of the structure from all kinds of weather conditions.

Slightly better-than-basic answer: to protect our buildings and increase their curb appeal!


So when we talk about how we would like to treat our exteriors, we usually refer to the various kinds of paints available. Before we even get to our vast selection of products, there are some things that must be done. All the surfaces must be clean, dry and free from dust, wax, grease, etc. A primer can be used to brush down and seal loose, powdery, chalky or uneven surfaces. For example, you could use the Deluxe Coatings Super Seal for your exterior walls.

Of course, the  walls are not the only parts that need protection and enhancement. Have you considered how much sunlight, rain and other weather conditions your roof withstands? So it isn’t a surprise then that our roofs require priming and protecting too.

At Deluxe Coatings we have a variety of options for you to choose from that offer protection for all aspects of the outside of your building. Remember, you always have to start with some kind of primer.

Our primers are either water based or oil based. Water based primers are easier to use and apply; they dry quickly and provide good protection. Oil based primers do the job as well, are in fact more durable, but take longer to dry – these facts are true of the paints and other protective products too. So when doing up your outside walls or roofs, you really do need to consider what kind of day it’s going to be. In fact, painting during rainy or cold weather is probably not recommended as temperatures may also affect the drying/curing of your paint depending on what kind you choose.

Our Deluxe Coatings selection of primers includes the Super Seal, Limestone Sealer, Gardall Bricksealer, Clear Sealer and High Build Sealer. Depending on the texture and material of your wall, paving or roof, Deluxe Coatings would be happy to help you choose the most appropriate primer. Similarly we have a variety of outdoor paints that range from Matt Acrylic, Lo-Sheen, Satin Sheen, Gloss Acrylic and Gloss Enamel. These are available in a wide array of colours that we stock at our store.

Most of our primers and paints can be used with brushes, rollers and airless spray equipment. We would advise that you use a minimum of two coats. However, depending on the actual product you require, we will be able to give you specific advice on the application.

Aside from the primers and paints we also have the Deluxe Coatings Enviro COOL Heat Reducer and Anti-Graffiti product that protects your walls from graffiti artists and or vandals.

Please feel free to contact our Sales staff at Deluxe Coatings for your decorations projects or Roof Restoration or re-paint. Visit our website


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